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The Original Monster.
Another Kind of Monster is Torbjørn, and the main gamer on the YouTube Channel.

His credentials are as follows:
First encounter with a computer was at the age of four (and that would place it in 1983….) and he was waddling around in the living room and his father had a computer with him from work. The Monster is always curious so he went over to him and asked “What is this.” and pulled the power-cord.

Luckily the curiosity did not end there, so he started playing around with computers as soon as he understood how a keyboard worked.

But what kind of machines has he used? We can list a few (but not all):
The Amstrad CPC 464
ZX Spectrum
BBC Micro
Vic 20
Comodore 64
Amiga 64

And of course IBM PC compatible computers from the (intel) 8086 and forward.

Consoles have also been there since the Sega Mastersystem.

When asked about how long this has been he replies: “I do believe that I can say that I’ve been a gamer for quite a while. ;)”