I figured I should take some time to explain the lack of new videos on my channel, and the reason is simply put…. Star Trek Online.

I’ve started playing the game again, and it has somewhat consumed my spare time. At the point of writing this Steam says that I’ve been playing about 60 hours of Star Trek Online the last two weeks.
I also know that I promised you that I would start a let’s-play of the game with a Klingon, and that is coming as well.
The way I’ll be doing that is to stream it as I’m gaming, so that you can interact with me as I do so. At the same time I’ll need to figure out if the people I play with will be joining, both in the game and in audio as we usually Skype as we’re gaming.

9900_screenshots_2014-01-24_00001I’ll let you know as soon as I can, possibly even later today how that will turn out.

Kerbal isn’t forgotten either, and I’ll be making more of that as well. That also while streaming. Someone (yes you know who you are) have been requesting more of that.

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