Civilization-Beyond-Earth-2-610x346I needed an update for the page, and what better time to do that then when I now have braved the horrors of Civilization: Beyond Earth.

This game is really dangerous in so many ways. My first experience is that it completely grabbed me and a friend and somehow erased several hours of my life without me ever noticing. (Just one more turn comes to mind).
The thing is that as with the other Civ games this one is really addictive, and you just want to get the next colony up and running before you take even a small break. From my experience everything from the gorgeous graphics, to the gameplay and up to the music is right. The balance is good, although the aliens will really bug you in the beginning (pun intended) but there are ways to get around that.

If you’re new to Civ then the tutorials are good, and they’ve even taken the time to split the tutorials up if you are new to the game, or just Beyond Earth and that is a nice approach.

Civ-Tech-Web1One thing that has a completely new look is the Tech-Tree, and now they call it a tech-web. No longer a sideways-scrolling tree, but rather a map from above where branches are sticking out in each direction. Here you also have “leafs” on each branch giving an easier way to specialize your people.

The AI is good, but on occasions not very bright.. I was laying siege to a city, and the AI kept creating units and sending them out to attack only to have each one be destroyed on first attack. So of course I stayed there and kept the AI in check. I have yet to test all the difficulties, but I’m assuming that they get smarter in the higher tiers.

All in all this is a very good game, and an exelent addition to the Civilization series.

Large bugsJust one more turn…

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